Osara Self-Titled EP Review

Osara’s self-titled EP, released in January of 2015, is the first major release from Columbia, SC based Osara. This short, yet explosive EP is every bit as professional sounding as one would expect from any major label.

Osara pulls influence from across a wide spectrum of rock and metal acts. For fans of Alter Bridge and later Avenged Sevenfold, a certain comfortable familiarity will be found. However, it never feels like a simple rehash of what works; the influences are blended into something that sounds fresh and new. It’s easy for one to imagine this being played in a smoky bar or stadium venue; it simply works on any level.


Osara kicks off with “Parasite.” This hard-hitting opening track does a tremendous job of setting the stage for what will follow, and establishes that this band is going to be one that sticks with you. Followed immediately by “Secrets,” this song slows down the pace just a touch in favor of a more groove-oriented feel. Next up is “Back to Me.” The opening riff in this song has an almost southern rock feel to it, immediately launching into a verse that showcases the bass and drums before going back into that southern rock sound. “The Devil’s Daughter” is next, and enough good things cannot be said about this song, with its heavily bass-driven rhythm and catchy lyrics. The EP closes every bit as explosively with “Blow” as it began with “Parasite.”

This EP  sets expectations right from the beginning with “Parasite,” and then smashes those expectations immediately. With hard-hitting drums, growling bass, intricate and fun guitar riffs, and very catchy vocals, this self-titled EP sets the stage for big things from Osara, and hopefully the wait won’t be too long for a full-length album release.

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