Attracting The Fall “Limitless” EP Review

Raleigh, NC metal band Attracting the Fall released their “Limitless” EP in December of 2015, providing a decadent collection of heavy hitting bass and drums, horror film worthy vocals, and thrashy yet progressive guitar riffs with shuddering solos and an all around treat from beginning to end.

The experience that Limitless provides is unique and striking; immediately after hitting play, you’re engulfed in madness. The methodically planned first track “Incision” instantly sucks you in like the opening to an intense action film. Seconds later you’re encompassed by intense drums, a blood-curdling scream that’s fit for the big screen, and you realize that you’re banging your head, just as the metal gods intended. There is a quick tempo change then silence as it rolls right into what is arguably the best track on the EP.


“The Decider” has it all: technicality, simplicity, complexity, and tempo changes that will give you whiplash. You may try to head bang, but will quickly find yourself off time or tempo as Attracting The Fall flips it again with a neck breaking, punch-the-person-standing-next-to-you-in-the-face break down. Though it may scare your “non-metal” friends, the intricacy shown throughout the song does not disappoint.


“The Fourth Reich” begins with a very melancholy intro and an almost indistinguishable guitar riff fades in and is quickly superseded by complex stick play on the cymbals, an insane drum roll slams you into more of the same. Another song filled with a duality of complexity and simplicity as well as quick tempo changes that leave you guessing yet wanting more. The vocals, although not the strongest on the EP, are the perfect match to the song.

The fourth cut, “Intermission,” drops in energy and feels more like filler, providing a heavy, yet unremarkable break that feels more like an extended intro than it’s own standalone track. It does, however, serve as  a good transition to “One Way Connection” which has a very different feel than the rest of the EP. Leaning more toward a thrash-style, the breakdowns and tempo changes build an energy that will more than likely guarantee a spontaneous mosh pit.


Finally, we come to the title track, “Limitless,” which speaks volumes about not only the talent, creativity, and drive of the group, but also serves as the perfect ending to Attracting The Fall’s carefully crafted musical testament. The EP as a whole absolutely reflects the time and hard work that the group pours into each facet of their art form. Limitless whets our appetites for a (hopefully) soon-to-come full-length release and is more than enough reason to see Attracting The Fall live if given the opportunity. You could even say their potential is limitless.


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