Skinkage “Tyrants” EP Review

Skinkage arose from the depths of Mooresville , NC in 2005 and have been ferociously attacking the local metal scene ever since, combining a plethora of styles of metal and beating their listeners over the head with this proverbial melting pot. From hard and fast to sweet and melodic, they bring to the table a little something for everyone.

Their newest release, Tyrants, is no different. The EP immediately grips you by the throat and pulls you in with “Anthem to an Uprise” and does not release its hold until “Of Wolves” fades out and leaves you gasping for breath. Each song is a journey in and of itself, leading you through their world of style and influences reminiscent of classics like Slayer and Pantera as well as more modern acts such as Lamb of God, blending into the sound that is Skinkage.


And as mentioned, that sound is one that everyone can enjoy. Like it heavy and rough? “No Allegiance” is just for you. Enjoy the bursts of blast beating and harmonic guitar riffs? Look no further than “Hollow Words”. Want something fast and technical with a guitar solo that will turn your face into a puddle? Listen to “Anthem to an Uprise.” Love a classic melodic metal sound? Check out “Of Wolves.”

Music theory nerds will find themselves drawn to “Anthem to an Uprise” in particular. The arhythmic sections keep you in suspense and repeatedly make your heart skip a beat, and the guitars are full of beautifully clashing harmonies that would make Brendon Urie chime in with a “Haven’t you people ever heard of resolving the g**d*** chord?” No; it’s much better to face these kinds of things with dissonance and atonality. 

For over ten years, Skinkage has been a strong and prominent force in North Carolina’s metal scene. During that time, their sound has evolved and matured, always growing, experimenting, and broadening, but keeping the classic sound that the scene has grown to love. “Tyrants” has kept that trend going, one that we look forward to seeing continue for years to come.

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