Interview with Set It Off at Warped Tour ’16

Rei Haycraft interviews Set It Off backstage at Vans Warped Tour '16 in Charlotte, NC.

Skinkage “Tyrants” EP Review

Skinkage arose from the depths of Mooresville , NC in 2005 and have been ferociously attacking the local metal scene ever since, combining a plethora of styles of metal and beating their listeners over the head with this proverbial melting pot. From hard and fast to sweet and melodic, they bring to the table a... Continue Reading →

Attracting The Fall “Limitless” EP Review

Raleigh, NC metal band Attracting the Fall released their “Limitless” EP in December of 2015, providing a decadent collection of heavy hitting bass and drums, horror film worthy vocals, and thrashy yet progressive guitar riffs with shuddering solos and an all around treat from beginning to end. The experience that Limitless provides is unique and... Continue Reading →

Thousand Foot Krutch “EXHALE” Review

OXYGEN:EXHALE is the ninth studio release from Canada natives Thousand Foot Krutch, and the follow-up to 2014’s OXYGEN:INHALE. Immediately noticeable, EXHALE is more aggressive than its counterpart INHALE; the guitar has more presence and a heavier tone while the bass gracefully carries the low end with a full and clear sound. The overall tone of... Continue Reading →

Osara Self-Titled EP Review

Osara’s self-titled EP, released in January of 2015, is the first major release from Columbia, SC based Osara. This short, yet explosive EP is every bit as professional sounding as one would expect from any major label. Osara pulls influence from across a wide spectrum of rock and metal acts. For fans of Alter Bridge... Continue Reading →

Interview with Chaos by Candlelight

We had the pleasure of interviewing alternative hard rock band Chaos by Candlelight as they prepared for rehearsal in their warehouse-turned-venue practice space in Laurinburg, NC. Fuel The Scene Magazine: Could you give us a brief history of the band and your growth musically? Chris: "We started off as a three piece band. It was myself... Continue Reading →

Blackwater Drowning “Delusionary” EP Review

  Charlotte-based metal band Blackwater Drowning describe themselves as “Not your momma’s metal.” Despite lingering questions regarding what particular type of metal mothers are most fond of, the adage rings true of this seasoned band—the blend of influences both old and new is apparent in their music. Formed in 2014 by veterans of bands such... Continue Reading →

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