Three Bands Form Confluence of Genres in Lafayette (Concert)

Tier Two Live knows how to put together bands that go along well together. Even when all three are in different genres, they still flow together and sound amazing. It was like a loving trip through several decades of rock. There's really nothing else in Lafayette like this venue. Make sure you're coming out and seeing these shows, and supporting local music! Tier Two has more shows lined up throughout the summer!

Bloomers, Satellite Pilot, Ipecac Are Inaugural Show at New Venue

In a world where many have proclaimed live music to be dead, it continues to flourish. Local and national acts alike still find audiences for their shows. New venues open up, even as old ones close. Tier Two Live is something to keep your eyes on in the Boulder-Denver area, as are the bands that played this show.

Nothing More Than a Fantastic Show

It is safe to say that big things are on the horizon for Nothing More. If all of the sold-out shows this tour is proof enough concert-goers young and old should not hesitate on tickets for a Nothing More event!

Moments: Blue, Something Clever, Finishes Out Moments EPs (EP)

Now that both parts are out, make sure you pick them up. While Moments: Red and Blue both shine on their own, they play best together. Choosing to release their latest set of tracks as two separate EP’s is, well, something clever. But then that’s the name of the band, isn’t it? Moments: Blue is available on streaming services and music purchasing platforms today!

Reason Define Scores Home Run with In Memory… (Album)

Since demonstrating their capabilities on their 2017 album Far from Strangers, Reason Define has only moved upward. The professional sound of In Memory… is absolutely unmistakeable. Despite, or perhaps because of, that professional refinement, the album also shows a lot of heart.

Hardcore Shows Really Rock the House (Concert)

In a backroom in Denver, Colorado, a small crowd was gathering. Word spread of the concert through event pages and messaging networks. Fans of hardcore and punk filed in, eager to hear the night's music. Underground music never died. It just went, well, underground.

Shuulak Show Their Stuff with Albedo (EP)

Shuulak handles their own recording, photography, and visual design, and this adds to the level of theatricality, allowing them to create a fully fleshed out concept with matching visuals. Through each track, you can see a story being told and tell that each note was thought out. The title track, “Albedo”, concludes the EP with a short ballad that leaves listeners wanting more from this truly top notch band.

Punk Against Trump ’19 Rocks As Hard As ’18

It was a most excellent night. Several thousand dollars were raised for local causes, and all of the attendees had a blast. The Gathering Place, a Denver shelter for women, children, and transgender individuals, was the beneficiary for this night. If you missed the show but would like to contribute, please click through to their website!

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