Like Pacific Has Fantastic New Album, In Spite Of Me (Album)

During the 2000’s and early 2010’s punk pop era, music was fast, raw, and emotional. Like Pacific has successfully brought that forward into 2018. While they have put out a few EP’s, this is only their second full-length album. Following two years behind their last, it is clear that they’ve spent two years refining their craft.


Massive Wagons Goes For the Full Nelson Hold (Album)

Full Nelson is very, very British. From the lyrics to the sound, it sounds like a night at the pub followed by a bout of fisticuffs.The album art is also straight out from the UK, featuring an image of a bare knuckles boxer getting ready to go. If you ever missed the reign of bands like Def Leppard, this is something you want to pick up and make sure you don’t miss it. Pick it up today!

Baring Your Hearts: A Night With Andrea Gibson (Concert)

To revisit the start of this, this isn’t just a performance. It’s an experience. Andrea Gibson alternates between building us up, then exposing our deepest hearts to destruction. It is a family gathering where loud laughter and sobs are both welcome and even desired. To quote one of their other poems, “call my ring finger whatever finger I use to flip off the rules of how my feelings are supposed to supposed to feel”. The only rule here is that you allow yourself to feel honestly.