Alter the Design Is United in EP “Undivided” (Album)

Undivided sounds very much like it was released in 2007, not so much in that it sounds old but that it sounds very nostalgic. All in all, it is solid most of the way through and this band has a promising future if they stay true to their core sound. If you like dropped chords, chunky minor tones, and fist pumping heavy rock, this is an EP worth checking out.


Extinction Level Event brings hell with “Hellbent” (Single)

Through “Hellbent”, Extinction Level Event is showing they are ready to take on the world, three basses at a time. Extinction Level Event is currently working on new music, and plan to have another release in the spring. You can listen to “Hellbent” on streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and Youtube.  You can also find them on social media @elebandofficial.

Outliar’s Newest Will Have You Tasting Blood (Album)

Taste The Blood, like its predecessor, was also recorded, mixed and mastered by King. Currie stated that they’re “proud of the record. It’s clearly more of our aggressive and relentless materiel that we’ve written and our fans would agree.”  It’s sure to please fans who enjoy both the classic and modern thrash metal, stylized from acts such as Testament, Death Angel, Kreator, Overkill and Exodus.