Band of the Week #2: Annabel Lee

Our second Fuel The Scene Band Of The Week is hard-hitting Charlotte, NC-based Annabel Lee. Formed in 2010, Annabel Lee consists of Joshua Dean (vocals), Jim Hadeka (guitar), Chad Honeycutt (drums), and Jarred Allen (bass). Combining hardcore and djent sounds with brutal screams and melodic clean vocals, Annabel Lee is a band that will make you feel like you’ve been punched in the face and feel grateful for it. We recently caught up with them to ask a few questions and get a little insight from the guys behind the music.

How would you describe Annabel Lee to someone who has never heard you, and what sets you apart?
We’re a group four dudes who come from different musical backgrounds to achieve a combined dream of playing music, performing and writing. What sets us apart is our passion and drive, and a crazy frontman.

What can fans expect from your live performances and what do you hope fans take away from your shows?

You can expect to get 100% raw, unfiltered emotion throughout every song and at every venue, no matter were we play. We hope the fans take from us a great show experience, and hope to touch them through our lyrics and personal meanings.

What song in your current set or album is resonating with fans the most? 
The Hunter, it’s a very meaningful song to us and a lot of people can relate to it. It’s about being cheated on, and that’s such a dirty feeling. So we all kinda go to a dark place playing that one live.

If you could tell the world one thing about Annabel Lee, what would it be?
That no matter how young or old, don’t let anyone keep you from following your dreams and aspirations.

What do you hope Annabel Lee is remembered for?
We would like to be remembered for how humble and genuine we are as individuals and musicians.
Bonus round: How often does Josh bleed on stage?
All the time, Josh says

For more information about Annabel Lee, check them out on Facebook.


Band of the Week #1: Fable Cry

Our first Fuel The Scene Band of the Week is Fable Cry, theatrical scamp rock band from Nashville, TN. Fable Cry draws inspiration, both musically and poetically, from all things imaginative, mythical, and spooky.

Since forming in 2010, Fable Cry is now a fuller, darker, and more mature band, allowing Jo Cleary (violin, vocals), Scott Fernandez (bass), Nic Giordano (drums), Melody Ryan (keys, flute), and Zach Ferrin (vocals, guitars) to perform the songs the way they had always been written, packed with energy and dynamics, while maintaining (and inevitably amplifying) the band’s theatrics, costumes, makeup, and overall ruckusness, and developing their sound that they came to call, “Theatrical Scamp Rock.” We sat down with frontman Zach Ferrin to learn a little bit more about what makes Fable Cry such an impressive creative and musical force.

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Fable Cry and what sets you apart?
Well, we’re basically a spooky rock band with elements of theatre, circus, cabaret, satire, storytelling, and atmosphere, all being played by five musicians with fairly different backgrounds (from metal to classical and jazz, to musical theatre and pop) to create a conglomeration of genres and sounds. And we take the visuals just as seriously as the music, which lends itself to our elaborate stage attire and makeup.

What can fans expect from your live performances and what do you hope fans take away from your shows?
My goal (and this should be obvious) with our live shows is to entertain – our crowd and ourselves! We create music, videos, and a show that we would want to see, with the intention of being our own favorite band. We all have pretty high standards for what we enjoy on stage so, frankly, if we wouldn’t enjoy it from the outside we wouldn’t want a part in doing it ourselves. We really love to perform. We love to feed off of the crowd and break down the barrier between stage and audience with banter and crowd participation, setting the standard of energy and inviting people to join us – the more we dance, the more they dance, the more we dance, ad infinitum. The songs and stories are always wrapped in metaphor and deeper looks into the characters that we’re singing about so there is a lot to take away, if you’re willing to look. However, if you’ve spent our whole set dancing and you had a good time, that’s good enough for us too!

What song in your current set or album is resonating with fans the most? Which gets the best crowd response at shows?
At this point probably “Fancy Dancing” and “Dead Or Alive (For Now)” off our last album tend to get the most attention. They both have music videos to accompany them, which have certainly helped make the songs more tangible, story-wise, and helped everyone gain more familiarity. Although, we just debuted a song off of our upcoming album at our last show, and the crowd response was thankfully explosive. It’s always extremely gratifying (and honestly surreal) to see people in the audience singing the lyrics back to us, dancing, anticipating time/tempo changes etc. To know that they’re excited and responding in kind to the newest material is very exciting!

If you could tell the world one thing about Fable Cry what would it be?
Ready or not, here we come!

One day, what do you hope Fable Cry is remembered for?
Our vision for this band is endless, and it only grows as we achieve each short-term goal. We want to entertain as many people as we possible can with our music, artistry, and stage shenanigans! I think everyone listens to music for different reasons, so I don’t think I would want to be remembered for just one thing. But I hope that we can fulfill peoples’ reasons for listening to music, be it through our lyrics and stories, the music and how it makes them feel, or through the fun they get at our live shows. We are ever-grateful for the current support that we’ve acquired and want that to continue to grow – and we’re gonna ride it ‘till the goddamn wheels fall off!

To learn more about Fable Cry, find their music at and follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Reverbnation, and Twitter.