Our Mission

Fuel the Scene Magazine is a not-for-profit online publication dedicated to supporting the growth and development of a collaborative, thriving live music community for musicians, artists, and fans everywhere.

Fuel the Scene Magazine works under a simple, poignant mission: to keep the live music scene alive and thriving for everyone who calls music their home. Through promotion and collaboration with musicians, artists, photographers, promoters, venues, and fans, Fuel the Scene Magazine hopes to create a safe, accepting live music community for all.

Fuel The Scene Magazine is staffed entirely by volunteers who are passionate about the live music scene and want to see it thrive.

No one at Fuel The Scene Magazine has ever or will ever profit at the expense of musicians. Promotional and printed materials are provided at-cost and all proceeds from shows go directly to bands performing. All reviewed music is purchased from the artist via physical copy, digital distribution, or paid streaming service; donations made to Fuel The Scene go toward purchasing music for future band features.

We do this not for any personal gain, but because we believe in the power of music. If you want to support our cause, consider making a donation, contributing as a photographer or writer, or sharing our page with others!

Fuel The Scene Magazine has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, or mud-slinging in the scene.

In a scene where so many passionate, creative, highly-invested people are all trying to accomplish a myriad of goals that can overlap, conflicts are bound to happen. If a conflict does occur between bands, promoters, venues, or any combination thereof, all members should attempt to rectify the conflict between involved parties only and then move forward. Any attempts to spread negativity or cause division via social media or at shows is not acceptable and is grounds for a band’s immediate removal from our promotion, listings, and future bookings.

Bands that actively violate our community standards or engage in behavior that is detrimental to the scene, including bullying, harassment, or unethical practices will not be featured in Fuel The Scene Magazine or media.

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