Twiztid, AXE, Prozak Have a Blast at Alrosa Villa

It is also worth noting that Twiztid brings along a live drummer, which gives them a unique touch among their peers. It is clear that Twiztid is a group with longevity, able to entertain crowds over twenty years after their debut. Make sure to see them if you get the chance!

Stick To Your Guns Shoots Through Denver (Concert)

Stick To Your Guns puts on one great show! Their US tour is continuing throughout the next few weeks. If you’ve never seen any of these bands before, or even if you have, you need to get out and see them. It’s a one-of-a-kind tour that offers a lot of energy and fantastic music. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Fozzy Delivers A Smackdown In Columbus (Concert)

Fozzy is the brainchild of WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, and he brought every ounce of his bombastic WWE performance to the stage. The crowd was ready for this, cheering each member as they came out. Rich “The Duke” Ward brought his own brand of explosive energy to the show, moving around the stage enthusiastically. It didn’t slow them down one bit that bassist Pail Di Leo was not with them.

Baring Your Hearts: A Night With Andrea Gibson (Concert)

To revisit the start of this, this isn’t just a performance. It’s an experience. Andrea Gibson alternates between building us up, then exposing our deepest hearts to destruction. It is a family gathering where loud laughter and sobs are both welcome and even desired. To quote one of their other poems, “call my ring finger whatever finger I use to flip off the rules of how my feelings are supposed to supposed to feel”. The only rule here is that you allow yourself to feel honestly.