Illusions of Grandeur Sings of Sirens and Myths (Album)

Illusions of Grandeur hail from the city of Lancaster, PA, which historically is known for modest Amish culture, sprawling farms and quiet back roads. Their debut album, Songs of the Siren, released on Toil Records and is a lot of wonderful things, none of them modest.


Other Son’s The Darkness In Devotion Is A Work Of Love (Album)

The Darkness in Devotion borrows liberally from both alternative and indie rock, and it does it with skill. Other Son has created an album that is, in places, reminiscent of Coheed & Cambria, Fall Out Boy, and The Killers. Between that and its relatable emotional content, it is sure to find an audience not only in Colorado but across the United States.

Outliar’s Newest Will Have You Tasting Blood (Album)

Taste The Blood, like its predecessor, was also recorded, mixed and mastered by King. Currie stated that they’re “proud of the record. It’s clearly more of our aggressive and relentless materiel that we’ve written and our fans would agree.”  It’s sure to please fans who enjoy both the classic and modern thrash metal, stylized from acts such as Testament, Death Angel, Kreator, Overkill and Exodus.