Pound of Flesh Fascinates with “The Devil Is In The Details” (Album)

For 18 years this band has been bringing it with their talent and this album shows that they are still able to bring it time and time again. So, whether you’re a fleshling or just want to find a new album to play in your dungeon- I mean bedroom, anyone can listen to this spooky album. Make sure you pick it up today!


Rotten Reputation Will Have You Lining Up At The Castration Station (Album)

Rotten Reputation has been in the Denver punk scene for quite a while, and they played with Anti-Flag and more in January. Far from being amateurs, they have a refined and practiced punk sound, if such a thing exists within the bounds of a genre that prides itself on breaking rules. Included in the  Fans of punk rock would be doing themselves a disservice to pass on this album, so be sure you pick it up today.