Greenville, South Carolina band REdEFIND recently released their latest EP, Images. They create a unique blend of rock, metal, hardcore, and rap. Their powerful lyrics are infused with ambiguous political views that leave the songs open to interpretation for any listener, regardless of their affiliation. They have two solid EP’s under their belt already -... Continue Reading →

State of Illusion Takes Us On An Epic Journey With Pluto’s Ghost

Greenville, SC based State of Illusion have been hard at work on their new studio album Pluto’s Ghost, and the end result pays off big. The follow up to their previous studio album, Aphelion, Pluto’s Ghost is a next-level State of Illusion. One very notable aspect to this album is that each song contains actual... Continue Reading →

Moments: Blue, Something Clever, Finishes Out Moments EPs (EP)

Now that both parts are out, make sure you pick them up. While Moments: Red and Blue both shine on their own, they play best together. Choosing to release their latest set of tracks as two separate EP’s is, well, something clever. But then that’s the name of the band, isn’t it? Moments: Blue is available on streaming services and music purchasing platforms today!

Reason Define Scores Home Run with In Memory… (Album)

Since demonstrating their capabilities on their 2017 album Far from Strangers, Reason Define has only moved upward. The professional sound of In Memory… is absolutely unmistakeable. Despite, or perhaps because of, that professional refinement, the album also shows a lot of heart.

Shuulak Show Their Stuff with Albedo (EP)

Shuulak handles their own recording, photography, and visual design, and this adds to the level of theatricality, allowing them to create a fully fleshed out concept with matching visuals. Through each track, you can see a story being told and tell that each note was thought out. The title track, “Albedo”, concludes the EP with a short ballad that leaves listeners wanting more from this truly top notch band.

Alter the Design Is United in EP “Undivided” (Album)

Undivided sounds very much like it was released in 2007, not so much in that it sounds old but that it sounds very nostalgic. All in all, it is solid most of the way through and this band has a promising future if they stay true to their core sound. If you like dropped chords, chunky minor tones, and fist pumping heavy rock, this is an EP worth checking out.

Extinction Level Event brings hell with “Hellbent” (Single)

Through “Hellbent”, Extinction Level Event is showing they are ready to take on the world, three basses at a time. Extinction Level Event is currently working on new music, and plan to have another release in the spring. You can listen to “Hellbent” on streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and Youtube.  You can also find them on social media @elebandofficial.

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