Obsidian Darling Will Guide Us Out of the Dark With New EP

Rock is a relatively young genre, but that doesn’t stop it from featuring an extremely diverse range of sounds. These can range from the extremely heavy, like death metal and deathcore, to soft and even acoustic groups. Obsidian Darling’s new EP, In The Dark, falls on the latter end of the spectrum. Releasing on 19th April, 2018, it delivers seven tracks of beautiful, entrancing sound.


Join Xael on a journey to meet The Last Arbiter (Album)

The number of bands that can come out of the gate with a near-perfect debut album is extremely limited. Xael’s The Last Arbiter doesn’t release tomorrow. It is unleashed. Fans of death and folk metal alike will find things that delight them in The Last Arbiter, from the fantastic vocals to the technical solos.

Transience, Smoke From All the Friction’s New EP, Has Purpose

Transience is the type of mature concept album that some bands take decades to master. Both musically and lyrically, it progresses through themes and periods until reaching a different sound and realization than the opening songs. SFAtF has developed a distinct sound that defines who they are as a group, and is sure to attract both their old fans and new listeners alike.