Hardcore Shows Really Rock the House (Concert)

In a backroom in Denver, Colorado, a small crowd was gathering. Word spread of the concert through event pages and messaging networks. Fans of hardcore and punk filed in, eager to hear the night’s music. Underground music never died. It just went, well, underground.


Punk Against Trump ’19 Rocks As Hard As ’18

It was a most excellent night. Several thousand dollars were raised for local causes, and all of the attendees had a blast. The Gathering Place, a Denver shelter for women, children, and transgender individuals, was the beneficiary for this night. If you missed the show but would like to contribute, please click through to their website!

Fozzy Delivers A Smackdown In Columbus (Concert)

Fozzy is the brainchild of WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, and he brought every ounce of his bombastic WWE performance to the stage. The crowd was ready for this, cheering each member as they came out. Rich “The Duke” Ward brought his own brand of explosive energy to the show, moving around the stage enthusiastically. It didn’t slow them down one bit that bassist Pail Di Leo was not with them.