Death of August Drop Debut Album “Fear of the Unknown”

Charlotte hard rock/heavy metal band Death of August released their debut album Fear of the Unknown Friday, December 10. “The album title sums up much of what we deal with in life and particularly what we have been increasingly dealing with in our lives in recent times. Fear of the Unknown explores pushing through our... Continue Reading →

Everthrone “The Dawning” Review

To those in the Carolina underground, Everthrone is a name that beckons a sense of reverence, perhaps one of the tightest outfits to ever emerge from South Carolina. Therefore, it is little surprise that their sophomore release, “The Dawning,” has already drawn great praise from fans and critics alike. Having seen the band grow from... Continue Reading →

Blackwater Drowning “Delusionary” EP Review

  Charlotte-based metal band Blackwater Drowning describe themselves as “Not your momma’s metal.” Despite lingering questions regarding what particular type of metal mothers are most fond of, the adage rings true of this seasoned band—the blend of influences both old and new is apparent in their music. Formed in 2014 by veterans of bands such... Continue Reading →

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