Death of August Drop Debut Album “Fear of the Unknown”

Charlotte hard rock/heavy metal band Death of August released their debut album Fear of the Unknown Friday, December 10. “The album title sums up much of what we deal with in life and particularly what we have been increasingly dealing with in our lives in recent times. Fear of the Unknown explores pushing through our fears and not letting feelings of uncertainty and adversity stand in the way of living our lives. We must have faith in ourselves and trust the process, despite not knowing what the future holds.”

Photo by Kenny Brown

The band released the first single from Fear of the Unknown, “Last Judgement”, back in August. The song is named after Michelangelo’s artwork “The Last Judgement”, but instead of focusing on the weighing of souls after death, the song focuses on the lives we live before the final judgment. “Last Judgement is about making the most out of life despite the hardships that come along the way. “We fall and rise and fall back down again”, but it is our duty to stand back up and continue along this journey we call life.”

The album offers a diverse range of sound from the bluesy/hard rock title track “Fear of the Unknown” to the thrash metal feel of “Hellbender”. Also included is “Equinox (Redux)”, a re-recording of a fan favorite track the band initially released back in 2017. Fear of the Unknown has something for everyone to enjoy.

You can listen to Fear of the Unknown by visiting the Death of August HearNow page:

Keep up with Death of August by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify and by subscribing to their YouTube channel. You can find all of these links on their HearNow page as well. 

Artwork cover for Death of August album “Fear of the Unknown” Cover art design by Albena Kircheva Alien model design by Oleg Egorov Background image by Joseph Vary

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