Photos and Review by Melanie Mae Bryan

Winston-Salem, North Carolina pop-punk outfit No Scope’s second live show was almost a complete disaster. The 5-piece was set to play a local show at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC but their drummer, Preston, was unable to get the day off of work. They arranged a fill-in and after 3 weeks of practice, he had their set down and was ready to go…until he was struck with food poisoning on the day of the show. They almost canceled but at the suggestion of their booking agent, Chris MacIntosh of Get Sad Yall in Raleigh, NC, they decided to play a completely unplanned acoustic set. They called up their friend Corey from fellow local band The Comedowns and convinced him to come play cajon for their set. Corey showed up an hour before stage call, and they began frantically rehearsing.

They played an intimate but lively set including their single “Maps” (a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 2006 hit single) and a cover of “Sugar, We’re Going down”, as well as some of their original songs like “Sucks To Be You But That’s Pretty Cool”. Between vocalist AJ’s catchy but personal lyrics, and his unique vocal stylings, the acoustic set was definitely a hit with the crowd. The band has clear talent, a growing following, and overall has a unique chemistry that I think will take them far in this industry, especially if they keep overcoming adversities as gracefully as this. Meet your newest pop-punk addiction…this is No Scope.





No Scope in August 2021 by Melanie Mae Bryan

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