Resistance 13: The Ocular Truth Review

Formed back in 2011 and currently residing in Wheeling WV, Resistance 13 is a band that comes with a message. The message is that music doesn’t just save lives but invigorates life itself by changing a point of view and inspiring others. Not only does their music enlighten those who listen, but their infectious sound also gives listeners the opportunity to rock out. The Ocular Truth may only be four songs long but every song is packed with feeling. When listening, you really get a sense of how the band felt when they wrote these songs. This EP is a journey through the grieving process and how it affects everyone.

The band’s namesake track “Resistance 13” uses rock and metal to entice you. “Little Sister” cuts deep through those who have lost someone in their lives. This emotion-rich track is intensified by the riveting guitars, flawless bass, throbbing drums, and passionate vocals. Lines like “You should know that we miss you most of all” will stay with you. This is a song that you feel and not just hear. Resistance 13’s rockin’ sound will remind you of bands like Rise Against.


Resistance 13 kicks it up a notch with the song titled “Profound Sinister Brown.” If you lose someone there may be times when you lose yourself and try to forget it all. The lyrics in this song convey that message to you. Whether it’s the guitar plowing through your mind or the drums keeping your heart pounding, “Profound Sinister Brown” is worth a listen.

The title track “The Ocular Truth” is the metal song of this EP. The powerful screams mixed with the repetition of the line “I’m seeing truth in your eyes, I hear it calling my name” make this an unforgettable track that you’ll end up leaving on repeat. Its story is saying to not let others tell you what you’re capable of. The EP ends with “Something Eternal.” Going back to the rock sound on this track, Resistance 13 encourages you to rebuild yourself after all that has transpired. This track leaves you feeling like you have the ability to let go and have no fear.

The Ocular Truth is an EP that should not go unnoticed. The journey is brought full circle with a rock sound that can usually only be heard from bands at the national level. Whenever a chance arrives, take a listen and help spread their message.

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