Central Disorder Eradicates the Competition (Album)

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Review by Seraphim Dibble, photos provided by Central Disorder

Chicago is known for many things. Among those things is a tremendous music scene that has given birth to a great number of fantastic sounds. Central Disorder was formed in 2009. Since then, they’ve released a number of songs and albums, with the latest being Eradication. Released on 25th September of this year, the album clocks in at eleven songs and forty-seven minutes long.


Eradication opens with news of some insurrection occurring, with only one survivor apparent and pleading for a way to win. This leads straight into “Insurrection”. Eradication goes right from the cinematic intro to a devastating metal track. Central Disorder proves within these first few moments that they are not here to take prisoners. They are here to release a memorable metal album that people will be proud to own, and they have the skills to back that up.

The cinematic track sets the tone for the album with excellent production values, and rain that sounds like rain, not just modulated white noise. When paired with tracks like “Insurrection” and “The Reckoning”, it lets you know that you’re in for a thrilling ride. The first half of the album is full of blast beats, killer riffs, and riveting solos. Combine that with the catchy, galloping choruses, and you’re guaranteed some kind of mosh pit at live shows.


Eradication is also notable because it showcases a growing trend amongst musicians. While there are many bands with albums that just don’t let up from the moment you say ‘go’, gone are the days of waiting four or five best selling albums for good production value. Central Disorder has already established a clear, well-recorded sound. Nothing about this album sounds amateur. The recording, mastering, and writing are all professional. The guitars, drums, and vocals are all audible without having to struggle to hear any of it. The songs are arranged in a way that sounds fantastic, from one to the next.

As just mentioned, Eradication does not take any breaks once it gets started. “Bleed You Dry” gives you the illusion of a break, but it is just that, an illusion. Within moments, your silence expires and is filled in with more metal. Eradication never gets old or boring, despite this. Each song is different, bringing something new to the experience. They don’t use an acoustic song to break up the mix because everything sounds excellent as it is.

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Central Disorder does Chicago proud with their album. There’s plenty of heavy music here to last through the night and fill a venue. Between the excellent writing and the fantastic recording, there is a lot to love here. Make sure you pick up this album today!

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