Echoes Never Lie (Self Titled) EP Review

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Echoes Never Lie released their passionate, high-intensity self-titled EP. Fans of Otep or Butcher Babies will likely love them; getting more than expected from start to finish.

“In Remembrance” is the first track that will grace your ears on this EP. As you begin to listen you’ll notice a softer tone to this metal band. This song starts with more of a ballad than an all-out metal fest. The guitar starts lightly as it is quickly joined by the soft harmony of Zosia West’s voice. You will feel a sense of peace as you listen. There’s even a brilliant display of talent by the powerful drums and bass that seem to play off of each other very well.


The first thing you will hear as “New Chapter” begins are incredible guitar riffs followed by the words “Sit Down and Bleed” as the band has switches gears to show off their metal chops. From the ranging ability of the vocals all the way to the thundering drums, you can’t help but want to thrash to this song. As powerful as the growls and screams are, anybody will be able to pick up on the lyrics without any difficulty.

Your experience will come to an end on the final song “Armaggedon.” Following the last song’s example, you will hear roaring guitar backed by the pounding of the drums. Zosia’s voice comes crashing through again to empower you. This EP serves as a sample of the great things that this band will accomplish. Should you make your way to Pittsburgh, Pa take the time to see if Echoes Never Lie are playing. This way, you can experience this powerhouse first-hand.

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