Music Therapy Benefit Bash at Queens University in Charlotte, NC

Photography by Terie Shaver.

The Music Therapy Benefit Bash, created by Death of August’s guitarist and vocalist Helena Radeva as her senior project, was held on February 4th at Queens University in Charlotte, NC. The event was an interactive Service Learning Experience in which attendees had the opportunity to watch performances by local musicians, learn about the music therapy program and clinic at Queens University, and help make an impact on the program through their entrance fees and donations. All proceeds from the event went directly to Queens University’s Music Therapy Program to raise money for new technology that is needed in the clinic in order to facilitate interaction and communication within the program.

The event featured the following artists: Dillon Reynolds, Reason | Define, Lisa De Novo, Halden Vang, Death of August, and Rumur.

DILLON REYNOLDS | Based out of Mount Holly, North Carolina; Dillon flips the Acoustic Genre upside down with a unique style that can be described simply as “Dark Acoustic.” Armed with a guitar and a message, his faith-based mission is to help hurting hearts and crippled souls through music; letting everyone build up the strength they need to recover from their anxious memories.

REASON|DEFINE | Reason|Define, formerly known as The Reason You Stayed, is an all-female rock band based out of Charlotte, NC. Their style pulls from multiple genres including alternative, pop punk, and metal partnered with powerful Paolina Massaro, harmonies provided by bassist Caitlin Cassell and guitarist Savannah Ruff, and sisters Shelby and Sydney McVicker complete the group on guitar and drums, respectively.

HALDEN VANG |  The stage chemistry of Halden Vang is intense, soulful and fiery, delivered with a style and flare that pushes the genre boundaries. The high-powered rockin’ trio, formed & led by guitarist singer/songwriter, Jake HaldenVang, features Jordan Mattacchione on bass and Robbie Reimer on drums/percussions. Influenced by a diverse music landscape, Halden Vang is a group who delivers a blend of modern, vintage and alternative rock & roll with soul, pop, R&B, funk, and blues.

LISA DE NOVO |  Lisa De Novo is a singer/songwriter from Charlotte, NC that is described as “bubblegum blues,” an eclectic blend of catchy pop music and soulful blues.

RUMUR | Rumur is an EDM/Rock Hybrid band consisting of duo Dan Wallace (formerly of Mega Heads) and Rahsaan Lacey.

DEATH OF AUGUST | Death of August is a Rock and Rock/Heavy Metal band from Charlotte, NC that features Helena Radeva on guitar and vocals, Amirah Brunache on guitar, Brosnan Granger on bass, and Dillon Reynolds on drums.

“Music gives a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything Else.” – Plato



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