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Written by William Dibble

Nobody can deny that the internet has revolutionized music. The number of independent artists out there is exploding, and shows no signs of stopping. The question becomes, with this influx of new artists, how does one stand out? How does a band differentiate themselves from the competition? Shatterproof has certainly figured it out with their new EP, Shatterproof, available now. Shatterproof is a punk band that brings something new to the scene, that’s for sure.


Right off the bat, “So Punk” launches into some sick fast riffs, combined with violin. Violins and cellos have been making inroads into the rock scene for a decade now, with many bands using them as backing or even primary instruments. Shatterproof uses violin to great effect alongside their blistering punk sound, giving their songs an almost folk-music tinge. Shatterproof is an album that is, ultimately, about the struggle of the working artist. “So Punk” starts off talking about what it is like to be a ‘starving artist’, going into great detail about the state of their life. Following this is “Cookie Cutter Life”, which starts with a keys introduction that brings to mind old movies and circuses. This melts into a low set of vocals and muted guitars, before taking off into the bulk of the song. “Cookie Cutter Life” is an energetic punk song through and through. It borrows traits and techniques from several genres, and features a chorus that the audience will likely sing along heartily to.


“Karma” starts off with soft vocals and clean guitars, but quickly jumps into a track that is best described as ‘bouncy’. Even sitting down listening to the track, one feels compelled to bounce or jump along with its jaunty rhythms and violins. The violins make a noticeable return after being absent in “Cookie Cutter Life”, lending both rhythm and soaring melodies. “Definition of Fine” is a softer song overall, about the what it means when you tell somebody “I’m fine”. This song isn’t just about artists- it is so much more. The soft vocals and guitars build to an almost overpowering drum climax, before dropping back into the older rhythm. The EP closes out with “Lykos”, which closes the album with a rousing punk song that is reminiscent of the emo-punk movement of the 2000’s while remaining distinctly Shatterproof in essence.

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Shatterproof is an EP with, well, shatterproof quality and songwriting. The songs are catchy and unique, and offer a lot of energy. While it only clocks in at under twenty minutes, it features more musical talent in those twenty minutes than some major label bands put out in an hour. Musical creativity isn’t dead, by a long shot, and Shatterproof is clear and present evidence of that. Shatterproof is now for sale and streaming on most major platforms. Click here to grab it on iTunes!

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