Killakoi Kills with Pangea (Album Review)


Album by Savanah Ruiz, photos provided by Killakoi

Killakoi has unleashed a beast with their debut release, Pangea. This EP is fiery, rhythmic, and real. Killakoi consists of four musicians who have been working and writing together for six years. But, after working with other local bands and side projects on top of Killakoi, the members of the band decided to focus on Killakoi and give their all to mastering their sound. After quitting all their other musical projects in 2017, they have made it their priority to bring listeners a hard rock masterpiece, which is exactly what they have done with Pangea.

Title track “Pangea” opens this EP with flare and some sick guitar work that gets listeners excited for the amazing songs Pangea has to offer. Through the use of new technology and their personal influences, Pangea offers insight into the true nature of Killakoi, and shows they are a rising force within the music industry.

Photo by Hannah Lee Photography

“Down” is a reflective track that relates to feelings of not being good enough. Lyrics like “try hard or just don’t try at all” really allow listeners to look inside the minds of Killakoi’s members and show how they got to be the driven and committed band that they are today.

“Government Plastic” is another reflective track, only instead of focusing on themselves the band decided to use their voice to make a statement on the world. This song is dark, heavy, and definitely worth checking out. Lyrics like “watching as the devil gets paid” and “if life was once a paradise how did we all let this happen?” show a frustration with the current state of the United States that many listeners can relate to.

Photo by Out With Ambler

For Pangea, Killakoi worked with writer/producer Sahaj Ticotin (Ra), as well as producer Bob Marlette. This pairing seems to be a match made in Heaven, since all six tracks work together cohesively to create a unique sound.

A particularly poignant track is “Hollow Eyes”. This song features a vulnerable side of Killakoi as they voice struggles of finding direction and making sense of life and death. This song is the last song on Pangea and closes the EP in a way that leaves listeners craving more.


Through Pangea, Killakoi shows skill, experience, and a drive that can be heard in every song. After listening to this EP it is clear that this band has what it takes to make a name for themselves. Pangea was released on June 2, and can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and more. You can also find the music videos for “Down” and “Government Plastic” on their Youtube channel.

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