Bobaflex Flexes Their Musical Might (Concert)

Bobaflex 11

Concert review and photography by Seraphim Dibble

Last time Fuel the Scene Magazine took you to Herman’s Hideaway, we brought with us the cold winds from Winter’s Gate. This time, we’re taking you back to the 80’s with hit band Bobaflex. Herman’s Hideaway is a fantastic and intimate venue with a decent selection of food and drinks nestled away in the southern reaches of Denver. Several local bands supported them as well as a touring band.

The openers of the night, Grey Sky Falls, are a fantastic heavy metal band from Littleton, CO. Occupying a space between metal and metalcore, they bring to the stage a high-energy show. Between their screams and jumping around stage, they set one hell of an opening for a long night of bands.

Up next was Jackson Cloud Odyssey. After the heavy metal rampage that was Grey Sky Falls, it was a bit odd to have a band like Jackson Cloud Odyssey play next. They were absolutely fantastic, but were nothing like the openers. These Colorado natives played a unique sound that was as if Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam got together for a jam session. A really good one, in fact. One of their later songs was even a cover of “Kashmir”.

ONE FROM NONE stormed the stage with a distinctly outlaw feel to their set and aesthetic. Their blend of hard rock featured cowboy hats, badass riffs, and punchy drums. It wouldn’t be out of place to make a comparison to Black Label Society, to be honest. At one point, adding to their outlaw feel, the singer got out his acoustic guitar to play one of their songs. Their stage presence and grit made them a valuable member of this performance.

One of the bands actually touring with Bobaflex was Kirra. The Oklahoma City quartet is a few years old now, and features one heck of a hard rock sound. Unfortunately, they lost their original vocalist in January 2018 in a tragic car crash. That didn’t stop them from touring with Grammy nominee Nothing More earlier this year and Bobaflex now. Their stage presence was fantastic and they dominated the stage.

It has been many decades since Twisted Sister and Motley Crue played small, intimate venues. If you want to see a band with those vibes and a killer stage show, you need to make sure you catch Bobaflex live. They sound and look like a blend of 80’s rock and metal, employing stage make-up and expansive light shows to further that sensation. While you won’t be seeing some of the older bands in small venues anymore, seeing Bobaflex gives an inkling of an idea of what it might’ve been like in the 70’s and 80’s as some of the now-legendary bands got their start. With a great sound and fun choruses, it is really something you’d be missing out on if you didn’t make it out to see them.

Sometimes, it might feel like every band out there is looking to communicate deep and meaningful messages, and you just wanna have fun. If you’re looking for a show like that, you need to make sure to get out there and catch Bobaflex on tour. They’re proving that its possible to both have a message and remember that rock and roll started off and can continue to be all about having fun! Their tour continues throughout the midwest!

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