Interview With Lo, Solo Artist (Interview)

Photo by Austin Spruill

Interview by Eileen Keller, images from various sources as credited

One Roxboro musician isn’t looking to stray too far from metal. He’s just looking to spice things up. Well, that’s the plan at least. Fuel the Scene’s own Eileen Keller caught up with Mirada frontman Logan Abdo to talk about his solo work and his EP, Frequencies.

Photo by Kevin DeJong

EK: What made you want to do solo work?

LA: I’ve always been into other styles of music besides metal. Actually, metal introduced me to electronic, hip hop, R&B, etc. I just started absorbing a lot of it to a point where I found myself thinking, ‘Hm. What if I could go on a different route? What would happen?’ There was only one way to find out, so I did it.

EK: What can Mirada fans expect in comparison to your solo work?

LA: You can still expect the heaviness and the screams. You can also expect lots of electronic and dubstep influence as well. Also, there will be singing on some songs, too. For Frequencies, the last track is “Only Birds Were Meant To Fly” and if you hear a familiar tune, then consider it a sneak preview for the next album. I’m only singing the chorus for that song.

Photo by Andi Leigh

EK: Your first performance (as Lo) was at the Somewhere Else Tavern with metal bands Haymaker, Violent Life Violent Death and Basilica to name a few. Are there other bands (not necessarily in the metal genre) that you’d like to share the stage with?

LA: Definitely! Messenger Down, The Second After, Dear Desolate, Valleys, Discoveries, Constellation Atlas, Raimee, A Light Divided, Blackwater Drowning and Through All This Time. Garrett (of Messenger Down) is so good! I’d love to play with him because I wouldn’t feel so alone doing the solo thing. He’s a big inspiration as to why I do it, to be honest.

EK: What do you want your fans to notice most about this work?

LA: The electronics and how different it is. All the responses have been positive. Some people have said that they think I’m bringing industrial music back. I mean, maybe.

Photo by Kevin La Chiana

EK: Is there anything you’d like to talk about in your music that you don’t get to talk about often?

LA: Absolutely. I get to talk about my views on love, the world, music itself, depression and suicide, etc. I don’t really get to talk about a lot of it publicly, because at the end of the day, opinions are something we all have; but, I feel that people take opinions too seriously. So, why not talk about the serious stuff in a way where it’s not so confined? I mean, because you hear the music: it’s very sporadic and it’s going all over the place. Then, well you have the vocals and the things I’m saying combined with the music. It can send a more powerful message as opposed to posting about certain things on social media. I’ve seen it from going to so many shows. It’s really powerful and I truly love what I do. I love inspiring people and I truly wouldn’t give up playing music for anything.

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