Bring Me the Horizon cures with “Medicine” (Single)

Single review by Savanah Ruiz, images and videos by Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon have done it again with their new release, “Medicine”. This song is catchy, playful, and relatable. Nearly four years since That’s the Spirit was released , Bring Me the Horizon is set to release Amo on January 25th, and “Medicine” is just the taste listeners needed to get them ready for such a highly anticipated album.

When vocalist Oli Sykes spoke to Kerrang about Amo, he said “I know some people didn’t like That’s The Spirit… and there’s a lot of poppier stuff on this album, too, but there’s also a lot of experimentation and vibe and atmosphere, which has a darker tone in places… things hit you and make you feel a lot weirder than That’s The Spirit did. As a fan I’d be excited about this album. It’s definitely gonna take a few listens, not because you won’t like it at first, but because the songs have got so much going on. They’re a lot deeper than anything we’ve ever written before.”


This single gives readers a great peak at what is to come, especially the music video which brings wild visuals that somehow go perfect with this “stuck in your head for a week” kind of song. That’s The Spirit showed a new side of Bring Me the Horizon, and “Medicine” is no different, giving a fun beat to lyrics that describe a negative relationship and wanting the other person to feel the way they made you feel.

Since That’s the Spirit hit shelves in September of 2015, as well as 2018 singles “Mantra” and “wonderful life”, fans have been waiting for more, and this song brings it. This song makes listeners want to dance, cry, and scream at the same time. It truly describes the frustration of being in a toxic friendship/relationship while having upbeat melodies that make the song feel light.

While Bring Me the Horizon has changed their style over the years, you can still hear their roots through their lyrics and enjoy this new chapter in their evolution as a band. Overall, “Medicine” is just what the doctor ordered! Amo is available for preorder on “Medicine” can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and more!


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