Moments: Red is Truly Something Clever (EP)


Review by Seraphim Dibble, images and videos provided by Something Clever

When Something Clever released Season of Light in 2017, it was easily one of the best releases that year. They combined a multitude of genres into one album that flowed smoothly from beginning to end. Not only did Something Clever demonstrate an ability to write songs in several genres, but they also showed their ability to weave them together. Now, they have released their EP, Moments: Red, and have an upcoming release, Moments: Blue.

From the very first moment, Moments: Red grips you by the ears, prepared to drag you along for one heavy journey. “The Hill” starts off extremely heavy and doesn’t relent for even one moment. The song asks the question, “Is this the hill you want to die on?” If that hill is proclaiming this album a worthy successor to Season of Light, then happily. Not only is “The Hill” heavy, but it is catchy and diverse.

The superb quality of the EP continues into “Fever Dream”. Something Clever found their voice in Season of Light. In Moments, they continue to refine that voice into something that is completely theirs while still honoring their inspirations. With clear vocals and punchy instruments, there is never a question of how much work they put into it. Not only are the songs heavy, but the diversity of Season of Light is demonstrated in even more detail.

The word diverse described “The Hill”, certainly, but also describes every song here. “Angels and Demons” demonstrates this with its wide-ranging stylistic influences. They have taken their ability to write varied songs on an album and used that talent to further enhance each individual song. The last song, “Rise”, is taken from Season of Light.

Choosing to end on a previously released song for this EP isn’t a bad thing. In doing so, Something Clever has chosen an iconic and uplifting track that ends the entire thing on a really positive note. Ending the album with the chorus “never backing down from a fight” is a fantastic way to close out the first half of the two EP’s, especially when Moments: Red is of absolutely top quality. Moments: Red is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and more. Check it out today!

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