Hardcore Shows Really Rock the House (Concert)

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Review and photography by Seraphim Dibble

In a backroom in Denver, Colorado, a small crowd was gathering. Word spread of the concert through event pages and messaging networks. Fans of hardcore and punk filed in, eager to hear the night’s music. Underground music never died. It just went, well, underground.

With a projector displaying each band’s name and playing old VHS tapes, the night began. HXCMIDI opened the night. HXCMIDI combines screaming vocals with hardcore music played through MIDI. She owned the floor in the room. It’s not often you meet a one person hardcore band, but that’s exactly what she was. HXCMIDI thrashed all over the floor, screamed into her mic, and generally made an impressive set.

Next for the night was The Ass, out of Minneapolis. She is another one person band, combining electronic beats and rhythms with electric guitar and her vocals. After a heartfelt song where she personally greeted most of the audience, she launched into a sincere set ranging all over a variety of topics. Everything from personal experiences to French bulldogs and pugs were talked and sang about as she sang her soul out.

Plasma Canvas, from Fort Collins, was the third group. The duo was also the first with an actual drum kit. In such a small space, the percussive instrument took on concussive force. Their brand of punk comes straight from the very soul. Plasma Canvas played hard enough to rattle the very walls as Adrienne rocked everywhere from her microphone into the audience.

Moon Pussy also brought their own drummer. At this point, it was well past eleven. People were shuffling back in from the cold, still full of energy. The rock trio absolutely blasted their songs. Between the three of them, there was nearly no floor space. The audience crowded in close around them to make the most of the space they had, energy coursing through the room.

The headliner of the night, though, was hardcore project Eraserhead Fuckers. Eraserhead Fuckers was celebrating the release of their album, Let’s Kill the President. If there was any theme to the night, it was one person musical projects. He played a unique blend of industrial and hardcore, paired with potent lyrics. Despite the show carrying on past midnight at this point, the crowd was still full of energy. The show did eventually end, but it was a blast of a time had by all present. If you haven’t attended a basement or house show, you should support your local scene and make sure you do!

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