Shuulak Show Their Stuff with Albedo (EP)


Review by Savanah Ruiz, photos provided by Shuulak

Shuulak have put their talents on full display with the release of their new EP, Albedo. These tracks show passion, skill, and raw artistry. Shuulak is a dutch metal band inspired by alchemy and otherworldly themes, and this shows throughout their out-of-this-world tracks!

Albedo starts with “Hunter’s Moon”, a song filled with masterful instrumental work. This track will leave listeners with a nostalgic feeling as it reminds them of some of their favorite riffs and instrumentals. After listening to “Hunter’s Moon”, it is clear that this band has a vast knowledge of alternative music and has used it to shape this truly beautiful track. In 2017, Shuulak released concept EP Nigredo, and this release is the perfect follow up, giving listeners a taste of what Shuulak has in store for listeners around the world.


Shuulak handles their own recording, photography, and visual design, and this adds to the level of theatricality, allowing them to create a fully fleshed out concept with matching visuals. Through each track, you can see a story being told and tell that each note was thought out. The title track, “Albedo”, concludes the EP with a short ballad that leaves listeners wanting more from this truly top notch band.
You can find Shuulak at and You can also stream Albedo on Spotify.

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