Nothing More Than a Fantastic Show


Photography and review by Carrie Brown

On March 16, Nothing More’s Truth tour made a stop in Atlanta Georgia at the Buckhead Theatre. Like many of the stops along this outrageous tour, Atlanta was completely sold out. Outside of the venue, you could easily see that one hell of a show was about to be unleashed as there were lines on both sides of the venue spanning a block for the doors to open. It was a chilly evening but that did not stop any rockers from coming out to show support for headliner and opening act both.  

As soon as the doors opened, some pushed their way to grab the best swag they could while others went straight to the barrier to snag that sweet close spot. A good thing as well, since Palisades were first on the bill that night. Lights dimmed out and a dense fog filled the front of the venue. Frontman Lou Miceli proved that Palisades was more than just an “opener.” Bringing it full throttle the first song and grabbing the attention of fans, the energy levels were high throughout the entire set with all of the favorite songs such as “War”, “Vendetta”, and “Erase the Pain”.

Next on the bill was Badflower in support of their February 2019 album, OK, I’m Sick. This band had a lot of buzz circulating around the venue that night, even before the doors opened. As they took the stage it was difficult to make out anything through all of the fog from the fog machines except for their silhouettes. That didn’t bother the crowd at all. As they grew even louder, the crowd was starting to double in size. Badflower didn’t disappoint their fans, and they were certainly the most unique sound of the night. Maybe that’s why the crowd was so drawn in.

So far, there hadn’t been much action as far as crowd surfing was concerned, but that would soon change. Following up Badflower was Of Mice & Men. Of Mice & Men was one of the heavier bands of the night, bringing every bit of their metalcore presence to the show.. The lead singer and bassist, Aaron Pauley, might not be as active on stage as other frontmen or the previous, but nonetheless he pushed his vocals and captivated the audience. Even though Of Mice & Men have hosted heavier shows, the crowd surfers started to come to the front toward the stage and mosh pit opened up briefly in the jam-packed venue.

Last but certainly not least, was headliner Nothing More. Behind a large white curtain, a backlit, Jonny Hawkins towered above the stage like an antenna. The curtain rose and the crowd was ecstatic! The most anticipated show of the night had finally begun, and it started on a high note with “Let ‘em Burn.” Nothing More is not just a show but a performance. Throughout the night, they played a staggering 18 songs and all of them were just as energetic as the last. The crowd was pumped, the band was pumped and there were pits and crowd surfers in all directions.

It is safe to say that big things are on the horizon for Nothing More. If all of the sold-out shows this tour is proof enough concert-goers young and old should not hesitate on tickets for a Nothing More event!

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