Greenville, South Carolina band REdEFIND recently released their latest EP, Images. They create a unique blend of rock, metal, hardcore, and rap. Their powerful lyrics are infused with ambiguous political views that leave the songs open to interpretation for any listener, regardless of their affiliation. They have two solid EP’s under their belt already – 2018’s Pros and Cons followed by 2020’s Let’s Party – and have now released 2021’s Images. The EP starts off with the title track Images, a high-energy banger with hints of rap over a solid hardcore rock foundation. This definitely sets the pace for the rest of the EP — the energy is non-stop throughout the EP from start to finish, the verses are relevant to the current state of the world but are also extremely catchy, and the rocking is positively unrelenting. Vocalist Jordan Caparell infuses so much emotion into each song that it’s impossible not to feel what he’s feeling. This is the most solid REdEFIND release yet and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Images Track Listing

  1. Images
  2. REDACTED feat Jared Gomes of Hed PE 
  3. All I Need
  4. No Body
  5. Pain//Pleasure
  6. No More Heroes
Photo by Maq Brown provided by REdEFIND

Review by Melanie Bryan

Album artwork provided by ReDEFIND

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