LANiiDAE brought their highly anticipated debut show to Amos’ Southend, and it was everything we hoped for

Photos and Writing by Kenny Brown

LANiiDAE is the band EVERYONE in the Charlotte metal scene’s been talking about, and this was the show we’ve all been waiting for. Over the past few years LANiiDAE has dropped song after song of unrelenting awesomeness that have had us all dying to hear it played live. And it finally happened. The excitement in the crowd as they packed into Amos’ Southend was undeniable, everyone was ready for this show. Everyone NEEDED this show. LANiiDAE brought with them some of the hardest hitting bands around: Regions, Haymaker, and Fractured Frames, for over three hours of cathartic heaviness that more than satisfied everything we hoped for.

We had the opportunity to catch up with LANiiDAE vocalist Chris Deitz to give us a little history on the origin of the band and what we should expect next, here’s what he had to say:

LANiiDAE started a little over four years ago at the beginning of 2018. Joey Park and  myself were shooting the shit at the World Famous Milestone after a show one day. Joey had been working on some solo material and was looking for a vocalist to lay down some tracks”.

“After a few beers and maybe a shot of whiskey or two, we agreed to meet up the next day. I showed up at Joey’s home studio and basically never left. We immediately hit it off and began writing songs at a breakneck pace, releasing our first EP “Misery Scripture” just 6 months later on June 21st, 2018”.

“With no intention of slowing down, we immediately began work on what would become our next EP “You Get Nothing”, which included seven songs of unbridled rage. Guess we were going through some shit Haha!”.

“Possibly the most influential period of our sound came next. Four B-Side tracks that departed from the balls-to-the-wall deathcore style we’d been producing up until this point. Check out “Muse” and “dis(Communicate)” which are still two of our favorite tracks we’ve ever written! Emotional, heartfelt, and full of attitude”.

“From there our sound evolved and we began to add more elements of punk, pop, rock, and even some hip hop to eventually become the LANiiDAE you know now. Since the fall of 2019 its been a never ending stream of singles, ranging from smooth pop jams like “Rhythm in You” to the absolute ass-beater “821”. We’ve also enlisted some of our best friends, and the baddest musicians around to help take our sound, songwriting, and live performance to a new level”.

“As far as the future goes, we’ve finally got our first couple shows under our belt and we’re looking forward to playing out more. There will be no shortage of music from us, you can count on that! If you dig what we’ve got going on, you can find us anywhere you stream music”.

Current lineup:

Joey Park – guitarist (Violent Life Violent Death, AUXILIA)

Chris Deitz- vocalist (Kairos, Blaakhol)

Justin Stewart- vocalist, synth (Down Moda, Voraflux)

Kyle Dameron- bass (Life Right Now, It Lies Within, Deception of a Ghost)

Larry Tekulsky- drums (Machines, AUXILIA)




Fractured Frames





Fractured Frames

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