Sinners and Saints: Bringing the Talent!

Photos and Writing by Jim Collins

With so many bands on the side lines for the past couple years due to Covid restrictions, the Charlotte music scene is finally beginning to feel like things are normal again. Thursday night was a big step in that direction when local powerhouse duo, Sinners and Saints, took the stage at Snug Harbor.

Despite just being a 2-piece unit, Perry Fowler and Mark Baran have the talent to fill any room with sound through an impressive array of instrumentation and harmonies. Perry takes the lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, while keeping time with a snare kick drum, some tambourines fitted to a high-hat stand, and when needed, whatever key of harmonica is necessary. To complete their sound, Mark is providing the harmony with background vocals, a driving beat on the upright bass along with a bass kick drum, and a tambourine. If all of that doesn’t get your attention, then just sit back and take in the original music they have at their disposal and you are bound to become a fan.

What do these guys sound like, you may wonder? Americana for sure but also think of plain fun music. A wide array of song topics ranging from heartaches to quitting work are destined to be entertaining and crowd pleasing. Perry and Mark have a blast performing and it proves to be infectious as fans get into the show too.  

For anyone searching for music shows to attend, be sure to give Snug Harbor a look. Great sound, good drinks, and multiple-band lineups nearly every night make it a place music lovers should definitely watch. And right around the corner sits Petra’s bar which Sinners and Saints front man Perry Fowler is the owner so you know the live music is happening there too! if you missed this Sinners and Saints show and can’t wait for the next one to be announced, the guys have several albums of music available on most streaming platforms. Look it up and check it out! And don’t forget….Support Local Music!

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