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Musicians work hard promoting their music and shows. Whether touring nationally or managing the local scene, bands must get their name and music out there. The Abbey Elmore Band is one that goes above and beyond the hard work needed not only in their touring and recording but with the finished product that you get on the stage. Want to find out? Go to the bands website and check out their music and tour dates. Their schedule may surprise you. We are not talking a couple shows a month or one night a week. If the full band is not playing somewhere in the area, bandleader Abbey Elmore may be solo at any number of venues. It is not unusual for them to begin in Myrtle Beach for a couple days, followed by a show in Fort Mill, the next night in Hendersonville, a night in Charlotte and an evening in Spartanburg. And all those are dates in one week! With a schedule like this, you know the talent will be off the charts from the many hours of practicing and playing together. Having seen Abbey and the guys play many times, I can assure you they are fantastic.

The music they play is original with an occasional cover song finding its way into the playlist. Abbey’s vocals are truly excellent. This young lady can sing with the best of them as well as possessing some expert guitar skills. The talent she has assembled around her is outstanding. Tyler Tullis on drums and percussion alone is incredible but add to the lineup the multi-talented Nick Wells playing guitar, keys and vocals along with Jon Inman kicking the bass and you have one tightly knit bunch that delivers amazing music. The sounds you will experience seeing them live will definitely meet your listening needs.

Still not convinced? Check out one of the bands albums on your favorite streaming service. “Dear Darling,” and the more recent “I Know You’re Probably Sick of My Love Songs” will both prove worthy of your time. But here is some truly great news. The first singles titled “Questions” and “Sky” coming from their upcoming full length album “Memory“, are now available for streaming too! The new album is planned to be released in December of this year so be on the lookout because if these 2 songs are any indication of what to expect, this will be one dynamic record. And that’s another great thing about going to see them play, you will get a glimpse of some of the awesome new material they have written. 

On a final note, let me say that you have no excuse not to see a performance. No matter if you are in Charlotte, Charleston, Asheville, or even a nearby state, you can find them playing somewhere if you follow their Facebook or Instagram pages. You will not be disappointed. Also, while you are surfing thru enjoying Abbey’s music, be sure to buy an album or one of the really cool shirts they have available on their website. Remember, Support Your Local Music Scene!

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