Photos and Writing by Allie Andrews

Tuesday October 18, Joji brought his ‘Smithereens’ tour to The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC. Joji performed to a packed house on with openers Savage Room and Dhruv hyping up the crowd. Joji‘s music takes on Hip Hop, EDM, Trap, and R & B influences. His show included some awesome stage visuals and he brought out a T-shirt cannon to shoot his shirts into the already hyped up crowd, making them go wild. He played Mario Cart while performing on stage with Savage Room. He also brought on a local drag queen dressed as Super Woman to perform on stage, as at every show he has a local performer for a few of his songs, and what is very unique about this is he never knows who is performing until he is on stage, so he gets to be as surprised as his fans are! It was a very unique tour. Joji of course, sang the song that made him popular on Tiktok “Glimpse of Us,” which is a very beautiful song. He had the entire sold out venue singing along with him. 



Savage Room

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