Photos and Writing by Kyle Ostrander

Oklahoma City based noise-rock band Chat Pile played their first shows in the northeast earlier this month. The band was on the road in support of their debut album, God’s Country, which received a Best New Music rating from Pitchfork earlier this year. Their string of shows culminated in two sold out nights at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus, a staple venue in the NYC metal scene.

Seeing the band live, it’s clear why they’ve been gaining so much traction in recent years. Their signature sound is even heavier, wilder, and more energetic live. After all, it’s hard to ignore a band whose singer trots around stage shirtless and shoeless spouting lyrics like “Why do people have to live outside? When there are buildings all around us with heat on and no one inside?”, and uses stage banter to list off movies that were filmed in whatever city the band is playing.

All this to say, this is exactly why you should see Chat Pile live the next time they’re on tour. Because if the intensity and excited screams of this show’s packed crowd is any indication, it won’t be long before the band are selling out much bigger venues.

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