Photos and Writing by Matthew Dingle

On November 28th, Blu DeTiger came to Atlanta’s Terminal West as the final stages of her ‘Blu De Tour’ kicked off in the US. With support from JDM Global and Tiffany Day, the feel good energy was felt from the get go inside the venue. Once Blu appeared on stage with her ensemble band cast, the vibes were immaculate.

“Atlanta, you look great tonight”, DeTiger claims right away as she leaps across the stage from platform to center stage, toting her stunning Fender Jazz Bass, complete with a glitterball blue paint job. As Blu made her way through her relatively new yet seemingly timeless set (including all of the classics, like Vintage, Blondes, and even the new single Elevator) the crowd only got more and more receptive.

“The vibe in here is good, you just know when it’s gonna be good and I can feel it!”, taken straight from the source, DeTiger explained perfectly what we all felt as she made her way into the covers section of her setlist. Covering Taylor Swift, Fergie, and even a spur of the moment riff off with her supporting band, the final stages of the set were perfectly matched with the rest. As it came time for the last song, DeTiger amped up the crowd for her most viral song of them all- Figure It Out. Blu DeTiger’s appearance at Terminal West not only set the bar even higher for the remaining shows on tour, but once again proved why the internet just can’t get enough of this rising star.


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