Photos and Writing by Adam Rodrigues

Energy, Excitement, Guitar riffs, sing alongs and stage presence.

The power of live music was in full effect when The Menzingers: On the Impossible Past 10 Year Anniversary Tour came to The Underground in Charlotte, NC.

The Menzingers

Screaming Females opened the night up and set the tone for what was to follow.  Fronted by a shy and soft spoken woman, she blew everyone away by the  explosiveness of her abilities. Raw guitar riffs, vocals that could be described  as melodic with a dash of soul and purpose, she showed the audience her  dedication to her craft. Backed by equally talented musicians on drums and  bass, the trio played their set and humbly accepted their praise at the end of  each song while remaining ready to dive back in and give the people more.

Screaming Females

Touche Amore took the stage next. Hardcore anthems, passionate felt vocals  and a mix of breakdowns with tempo changes to showcase their talent and  diversity along with their engaging presence for their fans. I have heard them a  few times before years ago but with live music, seeing is believing. If your heart  rate was below 80 before their set, I guarantee it didn’t stay there long. As their  set came to a close, they reminded the crowd what passion and music felt and  looked like.

Touche Amore

Enter the Band of the night…. The Menzingers. Not one single person in the  crowd remained still as they captivated everyone with their sing alongs with  tales of heartbreak, past experiences and redemption. These veterans played  with smiles, purpose and heartfelt energy. Supplied with two alternating  frontmen, each took their job seriously to make sure their legacy they’ve set  throughout the year was cemented throughout each individual who shared their  passion for punk music with honest story telling. Hands thrust in the air with  each song signifying the crowds approval to their music that filled the air with  emotion and happy overtones. 





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