Photos and Writing by Austin Spruill

On November 18, The Plot In You paid a visit to the recently renamed Hangar 1819 in Greensboro, NC with the ‘Swan Song Tour’. Joined by supporting acts Silent Planet, Avoid, and Cane Hill, each band played to a packed house, with each successive performance taking the hype level up another notch. 

Cane Hill started the night off, opening with “Kill Me”, followed by a recent fan-favorite, “Power of the High.” The crowd was also treated to a couple new, unreleased songs before closing out with “Too Far Gone.”

Following up the opening performance from Cane HillAvoid took the stage to give the audience a taste of chaos with their heater of a performance. From start to finish, the crowd was moving and the pit was a battleground. Closing out their performance with a spectacular wall of death was definitely not something I expected, but it certainly topped off their scathing performance with a bang. 

Coming in hot off the heels of Avoid’s set was Silent Planet, who kept the momentum going by starting off with “Panopticon” before moving into “Orphan.” The crowd didn’t skip a beat, staying in sync with the band’s performance as they moved through the set.

As it was time for the The Plot In You to come out and finish out the night, the lights dimmed, the crowd roared, and frontman Landon Tewers took the stage solo to perform the first 48 seconds of “Face Me” before the rest of the band charged onstage and came in with their parts perfectly in sync, sending the crowd into an uproar. The metalcore/post-hardcore veterans continued on with the new tunes, following up with “Fall Again” and “Enemy” before taking it back a few years with some older songs. Anyone who came hoping to hear the heavy-hitting, breakdown filled mayhem of the band’s early days would’ve been disappointed, as they didn’t play anything older than 2015’s Happiness in Self-Destruction. That being said, they played “Time Changes Everything” and “Take Me Away” off that album, as well as several songs off 2018’s Dispose, and as well as their brand new single “Divide.” Closing out the night, TPIY went off stage with “Disposable Fix” before coming back for an encore of “Feel Nothing,” much to the audience’s pleasure. All in all, the Swan Song Tour was a solid show, featuring a good mix of bands who are a bit newer, as well as some who have been at it for a while. Check out some photos from the show! 






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