Photos and Writing by Kyle Ostrander

Last week, Covet brought their signature Math Rock sound to Brooklyn, NY. Even in the cold weather, there was a line of fans down the block well before doors opened for this sold out show at Brooklyn Made. The band opened their set with the melodic and flowing tune “Odessa”, followed by “Atreyu” and “Parachute”, all three cuts from their 2020 album technicolor. The night was filled with upbeat vibes and technical riffs beautifully played on guitarist Yvette Young’s sparkling red guitar. The band played most of their set with one song flowing right into the next, sprinkling in stage banter here-and-there to thank the audience for coming out on such a cold night, and to engage in debates over the deliciousness of chicken parm. Covet even treated audiences to a couple of new songs later in the set. “This next one is very dancey, so feel free to get moving if you want!” exclaimed Yvette Young, to which several audience members took them up on the offer.

Covet will be on the road until Dec 17th, when their tour wraps up in California.


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