Photos and Writing by Joseph Prater

It was a very cold and rainy December night. The show was sold out (much to my finances chagrin) a month before this evening. The line was wrapped around the block, every poor soul soaked to their undergarments. Once you are in the venue it was all good vibes and warm feels. This is one of those rare occasions where I show up to a show and I have never heard anything by this artist. It can go either way. And I like it that way. The act was a mix of what I could describe as triphop mixed with jazz and electronica, with a side of hip hop. I really did enjoy their show, it really had a DIY feel that you get from many punk acts that I follow, with a following that was fervent like they were going to see Phish. I remarked upon this with a bouncer, and he said, “this is an odd crowd man, like ravers meet hippies, that like hip-hop”.

With each different front person this diverse band brought out the crowd swelled with a new force! I think I counted 4 or 5 differing front persons. As a reformed musician, I have no Idea how this is even possible in the same room much less one show, I joke but the band always stayed in the pocket, tightly woven together, I really enjoyed the eclectic mix of music. Also, on the more hip hop tracks, I really appreciated the tight hooks that were being thrown out there.

It was a joyous night and I look forward to the next time they come to town. Maybe next time I can get my fiancé in there.


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