Photos and Writing by Allie Andrews

The Nostalgia hit hard with this one! On Friday April 14, 2023 sisters Aly and AJ brought their “With Love From” tour to The Ritz in Raleigh, North Carolina. Aly and AJ are former Disney Channel stars, where their claim to fame was acting in movies such as “Cowbells,” and TV shows such as “Phil of the Future.”  While acting the sisters got into singing and songwriting as well, gaining them a huge following. Many years later, the duo still has many of the same loyal fans, many of whom came to see them on tour in Raleigh. 

    Opening up for the sisters was Miya Folick who gave off a mellow and chill vibe. Her songs were very folk/pop sounding and the audience was loving it and mellowing out for Aly and AJ.

     Sisters Aly and AJ are a Pop duo, but they use rock elements as well. When Aly and AJ took to the stage they gave off a 70’s vibe that almost felt dream-like. Their backdrop were simple trumpets which added to the 70’s vibes. They sang MANY of their songs from their Disney Channel days including “Like Woah,” “Rush,” and the ever so popular “Potential Breakup song.” Singing those songs took me back to a time of watching Lizzie McGurie, watching Cowbells, listening to their music, and being a carefree, fun loving child. They sang songs such as “Church,” from their newer albums, which are just as captivating as all of their more seasoned music.  It even got emotional when they opened up about surviving a mass shooting last year, they shared their views on the importance of keeping guns locked away. Their set had their fans (including me) feeling extremely nostalgic. I sang along to every word and got to live out my Disney channel girl dream of seeing them perform live. They certainly gave it their all and truly love performing and being around each other, and both Aly and AJ are extremely talented. I would highly  recommend anyone go see them and I know their fans would too. It is a performance that should not be missed!




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