Photos and Writing by Kenny Brown

I’ll start off by saying I honestly wasn’t too familiar with Samia prior to this show. I liked the few songs I had heard of hers, but I typically lean more towards heavier metal/punk music, so I hadn’t invested much time in her music. But for whatever reason, I felt like this was a show I should attend, so I went. I didn’t expect much out of it, figuring I would take some pictures, listen to some of the songs, and head home a little early. I was way wrong. From the moment Samia stepped onto the stage with her happy, positive, fun personality my intention to leave early began to shift. I found myself instantly absorbed into her music. The packed crowd sang along loudly with every song. Unfortunately, with the exception of the chorus to the song “Kill Her Freak Out”, I didn’t know any of the lyrics to join in the sing-a-long. But I found myself wanting to know the lyrics and wanting to join the sing-a-long, the music was just that fantastic and fun. Samia paused frequently between songs to talk with the audience and share engaging stories. As great as the music was, it was these pauses between the music that really stood out to me, the kind of moments where I couldn’t help but just listen and smile. She felt sincere, kind, funny, and genuinely happy to be there with us. So, my original expectation of listening to a few songs and heading home early turned into staying through the entire set, staying through the encore, then hanging out just a little bit longer hoping she may come back out for more.

Christian Lee Hutson, a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, opened the show. I hadn’t heard of Hutson prior to the show, but his carefree, energetic, and often funny solo acoustic set seemed to hit just right. In addition to the music, Hutson took time between each song for moments of humor that stood on par with some of the better stand-up comedians I’ve seen over the years.




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