100 Gecs bring the “10000 Gecs” tour to The Ritz

Photos and Writing by Courtney Breen

On May 2nd, 100 Gecs brought their “10000 Gecs Tour” to the Ritz in Raleigh, North Carolina. The night started out with an energetic set from Machine Girl, the supporting act on the 10000 Gecs Tour. Machine Girl had the crowd moshing for their whole set. Towards the end of their set, the vocalist joined the crowd for a few songs and even climbed the balcony to overlook the crowd.

Following Machine Girl was 100 Gecs. 100 Gecs played a long set which covered all areas of their discography. There was not a moment in that room when people were standing still. 100 Gecs recently released their highly anticipated sophomore album 10000 Gecs, which came out on March 17th.

100 Gecs

Machine Girl


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