Photos and Writing by Dylan Lauder

On a Friday night in Charlotte, North Carolina, this was definitely a good way to start the weekend. This was my first time at “The Bridge”(@thebridgeclt on Insta). This D.I.Y. space is seriously one to check out!

The show started off with rapper Viina warming up the crowd by performing songs from his debut album ‘NeverTooMuch’ released on March 22nd, 2023. The second set was rap “punkstar” Preme Hardy. A performer who got everyone in the room HYPE as he was moshing with everyone, regardless of his recently broken finger. Next up was local “jazzed up hardcore” band Concrete Daisies, who I’ve seen perform a couple times now and it’s always exciting seeing the energy from singer Bailey Wray as he’s always doing something interesting when you see him performing. One moment he’s standing there screaming in the microphone, then ten seconds later he’s laying on the ground. 

Next up, rapper H1mward kept the energy up with friends turning up on stage and people dancing in the crowd. Finally, punk rapper and headliner Austin Royale closed out the show with an intense performance. Kicking off his set with a long but perfect build up to his newest single “Miss Fortune”, the crowd went crazy for the song and only got better as he performed a few upcoming songs throughout the set. The bassist, Isaiah Harris, really stood out with a unique outfit and an indescribable menacing feel coming from his performance. Austin’s energetic performance was contagious, he was running through the crowd, moshing, crawling around on stage, and really just going all out.






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