Did Somebody Say Crowd Surf?

Photos and Writing by Sammy Bauer


Plan B is a personal and Charlotte favorite in the hardcore scene. They opened the show with a naturally powerful energy that had everyone crowding the stage to get as close as they could to the performance. What is impressive to me is that there is no singular vocalist, yet each song is distinct to the band’s sound. I learned after talking to band member, Lily Sadoff,  that I had the honor of shooting them on the one year anniversary since their first show together. 


There is no way to resist hopping into the pit when Mutant Strain is performing. They play hard, fast, and loud. The singer’s energy is one that the crowd craves to match. Their stage presence was passionate and had an irresistible flare that shook the room.


This band’s sound is one that is hard to define, but impossible not to love. Tongues of Fire will get you moving on your feet, and most likely falling on the floor. Seeing them for yourself is the only way to truly understand the atmosphere they can create with their music.


Mindvac performed their brand new EP for the first time on Saturday night at Snug Harbor and they made sure the crowd would never forget it. Their unique sound ranges from soft and melodic to an electric post-hardcore angst. The involvement from the crowd during their set is one to beat! I have never seen so many people crowd surfing at a local venue in my life. Everybody loved Mindvac and wanted more. Be on the lookout for their future shows because they are not ones to miss.

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