Convulsions – Culture Shock review


Review by William Dibble of Panfocal Photography

Though it has been out for some time now, we would be remiss not to mention the album Culture Shock by Convulsions. This downtempo metal piece will be sure to send you into convulsions in the mosh pit, should you give it a listen. And we mean that in the best way possible.


An often overlooked genre, slow-tempo death metal can be devastating and crushing, as Convulsions demonstrates on the opening track of the album, “Intolerance”. This is followed up by the dissonant riffs of “Product of the Lost”. The heavy, pulsing riffs on this track will have you wanting to stand up and stamp your feet along. Both of these songs seem to drip metal over your ears. The breakdowns on this album are absolutely superbly placed and created, seasoning the songs like a perfect amount of spice.


“Dilemma”, the EP’s third track, continues the aural assault. The screamed vocals, coming in at pauses in the music, are powerfully placed and well articulated. The bass in this song really stands out, giving it a very thick, heavy texture. It is unusual to hear the bass guitar so well pronounced as it is here, but it does the song wonders. “Scum Staunch” and the titular track, “Culture Shock”, are two more specimens that prove the power of the genre.


The EP only clocks in at five tracks, but you will end the album wondering if there’s more. It is a great album to listen to on the speakers, and will be absolutely fantastic in concert. Convulsions truly brutalizes the competition with this album, right down to expert mastering, with balanced levels that make sure you can hear every detail.

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