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Written by William Dibble of Panfocal Photography

Self-described as a North Carolina supergroup, and sporting a new album titled Hellacreative, DethCadence comes onto the NC metal scene making some heavy claims about their capabilities. They compare themselves to Dio, Iron Maiden, and King Diamond, so this album begins with some high expectations.


One of the trademarks of some of these bands was campy introduction vocals. Opening with “Project DethCadence… Initialize,” and a robotic voice with “Forbidden Seed”, DethCadence immediately begins to channel the eighties straight into this album. From the beginning, they are not lying when they make their comparisons. The song is a powerful homage to the heights of heavy metal, sounding for the most part like it could’ve come from that esteemed era.


“Hellacreative”, the title track, starts off with a groovy bass track, before launching into a piece reminiscent of Pantera’s more vulgar track. The chorus line is very catchy, with a hook that’ll have you wanting to sing along in seconds. After the last notes fade, we are treated to a skilled and flowing introductory solo in “Forever”. This track is softer, and draws to mind references to some of the softer tracks of bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica. These comparisons are not made lightly- this track is powerful, well balanced, and sounds absolutely excellent. It moves from here into the song “Breathe”. Featuring a recurring riff that induces a feeling of rising, this energetic piece is, as promised, very similar to Iron Maiden in some of its musical and lyrical themes. The vocals are somewhat similar to Ten Thousand Fists-era Disturbed, which is by no means an insult to the singer’s skills. This pounding track will have you singing along, “Breathe into me, release me!” by the end.


Track six, “Caine Mind”, has hints of Megadeth and late-era Metallica. With a combination of clean and distorted guitars, it builds anticipation up to a critical point before releasing it in a torrent of heavy metal riffs. Check yourself for increased hair length and frizziness, because this album hearkens back to the height of long-hair heavy metal. The clear, clean vocals mix well, contrasting with the heavier guitar that comes in during the chorus. Followed by “War to the Worlds”, these songs show clearly that DethCadence is in no way limited to fast-paced heavy metal anthems. “War to the World” is a fantastic metal ballad that showcases both melodic and vocal range, and a message to us about ending wars around the world.


If the last two songs have you feeling a bit down, the energy and power behind “Head Voices” will immediately have you moshing again. “Scattered” and “Head Voices” both are high-energy metal tracks that bring to mind the heights of King Diamond and Metallica, effortlessly blending the styles of both into new lyrics and sounds. It is appropriate, then, that the album ends with the blisteringly fast-paced “Man of War”.


The break of slow songs halfway through the album is an excellent choice. The album is made with top-grade production standards, and the mastering is on the spot. The drums, vocals, and other instruments never walk over one another, with each being perfectly clear at all times. DethCadence promises an album that brings back the great memories of eighties heavy metal, and they certainly deliver! Pick it up today!

Grab the album here!

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