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Review by William Dibble

Art is one of the most powerful ways for a person to express themselves. Art, and especially music, have a long tradition of being the medium through which ideals and politics are expressed to the public. Books, movies, and music always have some type of message in them, and punk rock has a long history of rebellion and politics. It is only appropriate, then, that these artists would use their voices to speak out for and fight for the civil rights of people whose rights are in very real danger right now. The ACLU has released a benefit compilation titled Music for Everyone to help raise money to fight for civil rights.


Music for Everyone is a collection of a wide variety of artists. Some of these, like Anti-Flag, are mainstays in the political music scene. Others are speaking up because they feel that they must. Many of these tracks are original works for this compilation, or are previously unreleased work. Some of the songs, like the opener, “Buried the Shame”, are rousing punk rock anthems that will have you recalling the heydey of the punk music scene.


Others, such as “Just a Man” by Taking Back Sunday, are soft, acoustic pieces. Most of the songs are themed to match the ACLU’s cause, whether they discuss discrimination, civil liberties, equality, or other issues. The collection is excellently selected. None of the songs are less than great, and it is a lot of fun to listen to. The best way to summarize this album is that it is a snapshot of modern political punk today. It spans the sound range from Potty Mouth, who is not dissimilar to The Pixies in sound, to Secret Space, which has an almost rock-ballad sound. It is definitely a punk-fan must have.


Proceeds from the sale go directly to helping the ACLU defend the civil rights of Americans of all kinds. Like the songs on this album, they are promoting inclusivity and liberty, in the hopes that all Americans might one day be able to enjoy the same liberties. And right now, more than ever, we need someone looking out for the rights of marginalized groups, as the current political climate at state and federal levels has shown a woeful disregard for the rights of individuals. Pick this album up today, get some great music, and help defend our liberties!

We at Fuel the Scene Magazine believe that all people should feel welcome in our society, and our music scene.

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