Lizzy Farrall’s “All I Said Was Never Heard” Will Certainly Be Heard


Review by William Dibble

Most of what we review here at Fuel the Scene falls into the hard rock and metal genres, or some variation of those. Lizzy Farrall falls under none of those umbrellas. Farrall is an up and coming singer in the UK, having generated quite a large amount of press about her work. She has released two singles with music videos over Youtube, and will soon be releasing her debut album, All I Said Was Never Heard on 5th January, 2018. While AISWNH is only five tracks and seventeen minutes long, it is a powerful exercise in music and songwriting.


The sound of this album is almost entirely acoustic. It is clear within seconds of “Broken Toy” that she has absolutely phenomenal vocal skills. Her voice is rich and resonant, and matches flawlessly with the acoustic guitars which compose the melody of the song. The result is a melodic and gorgeous composition that pleases the ears. The second track, “Pack of Wolves”, is a beautiful song about not being part of the pack, but choosing to be your own wolf. With long sections of vocals laid over muted acoustic guitar, and soft rhythms throughout, this song is an ear pleaser. It is easy to listen to, and has wonderful lyrics to boot.

“Better With” shifts gears slightly, adopting an electric guitar for its main melody. It is also significantly faster and reminiscent of songs by Rogue Wave. Her voice, paired with the thrumming bassline of the song, makes for an absolutely entrancing sound. You will want to dance and bounce along to this track. Energetic drums accompany this one, creating a combination that, while distinctly different from other songs on the EP, listens very well. “Better Off” and “Hollow Friends” return to the acoustic sounds of the first two tracks. It is fitting that the soft rock song in the album is bookended by a set of acoustic songs, as it gives the album a pleasing sort of symmetry.


Lizzy Farrall is one of the UK’s hottest rising stars. With All I Said Was Never Heard, she proves that she is not just a one-hit wonder. It offers five very skilled and eloquent songs, all of them unique and memorable. It leaves one thirsting for more of her work. Pick it up in January on Bandcamp and other music retailers!


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