Greystone Canyon Wows with While the Wheels Still Turn

Greystone Canyon - RSCD032

Review by Savanah Ruiz, photos provided by Greystone Canyon

Greystone Canyon has marked their heavy metal debut with While the Wheels Still Turn. This LP is loud, explosive, and impactful. While the Wheels Still Turn features nine tracks of heavy metal that blast through your sound system and really make one excited for the future of rock.

According to vocalist and guitarist Darren Cherry, the band “really wanted to make an album similar to old Ozzy Osbourne records where songs like ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Goodbye To Romance’ can sit comfortably”. While the Wheels Still Turn reaches this goal while delivering a sound that can only come from Greystone Canyon.

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Being Melbourne based, the band chose to record in Goatsound Studios. But, the album was mixed in Canada by Grammy-nominated producer Glen Robinson, giving While the Wheels Still Turn a unique sound that only he could mix. This LP was inspired by old western films and the freedom of the Wild West, and this inspiration can be seen through the album artwork as well as the scenery that these songs create as you listen to them.

Whether it’s the drums, guitar, bass, or vocals, all aspects of these tracks are clearly thought out and allow for a truly enjoyable listening experience. “Path We Stray” is one of the best tracks due to the raw emotion of this track. You can tell that Greystone Canyon has really put their heart and soul into this album, and this track proves it.


After listening to While the Wheels Still Turn, it is clear that this four piece from Australia is bursting into the heavy metal scene with a hearty passion for the beauty of the past and a thirst to become the future of this genre. While the Wheels Still Turn was released March 9th in Europe, Canada, and the USA through Rockshots Records and through Hellfire Records in Australia on March 12th. You can buy the album through Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and more.

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