Hayley Kiyoko Excites with Expectations


Review by Savanah Ruiz, photos provided courtesy of Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko has created a masterpiece with her debut album, Expectations. At the young age of 27, Hayley Kiyoko has made a name for herself with the gay anthem “Girls Like Girls”, which went viral with over 88 million views and counting, as well as her latest EP, Citrine. But, Expectations really showcases her songwriting talent and proves that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

Through Expectations, Kiyoko creates an atmosphere with transition tracks such as intro track “Expectations (Overture)” and “xx”. Some songs even have their own intro, which helps give listeners an insight into Hayley Kiyoko’s mind and heart.


After listening to Expectations, you can tell that this was a passion project for Kiyoko and that she really put her all into perfecting this album. Sick beats like the ones in “Curious” and “Palm Dreams” showcase her love for dance, and songs like “Mercy/Gatekeeper” and “Under the Blue/Take Me In” showcase her cinematic side.

Furthermore, even though Hayley Kiyoko has gained popularity through her songs being relatable to the LGBT community, Expectations has songs that anyone can enjoy. My favorite track is “What I Need” which features singer-songwriter Kehlani, who broke charts with her track “Gangsta” off the “Suicide Squad” soundtrack. This song is playful, upbeat, and screams Summer track. I can see this being a radio hit for sure.


Every track on this album tells a different story, which was a goal for Kiyoko when creating Expectations. According to Hayley, she treated each track as a separate entity in order to prevent them from sounding the same and describes each track as “a mini chapter of who I am”. All in all, Expectations shows that Hayley Kiyoko is ready to take on the world with a fiery passion and some stories to tell.


Hayley Kiyoko starts the North American leg of the “Expectations Tour” April 11th, and just announced that she will be joining Panic! at the Disco and Arizona on “The Pray for the Wicked Tour” which kicks off July 11th. You can find her album on iTunes, Spotify, and more, and check out Hayley’s self directed music videos on YouTube.


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